Agongs Birthday 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Agongs Birthday is a celebration that is observed around the celebration of the Malaysian king’s birthday. The day is celebrated in many ways throughout the country. It is a Malaysian public holiday that allows Malaysian citizens to honour the Yang-di Pertuan Agong. Agongs Birthday 2023 Malaysia will also observe trooping the colour parade in Kuala Lumpur. It is a massive military parade and the event is open to the public. The event is followed by high tea and a luncheon. The sight of the place is unmissable during the celebration and is adorned with banners and posters.

When is Agongs Birthday Celebrated in Malaysia?

The celebration takes place around the Malaysian King’s birthday. On the day a ceremony is held to honour the Agong and various honourable Malaysian citizens. The celebration is often observed as the grandest event of the year. In the ceremony, various medals and ribbons are awarded to the people who have performed impressive deeds throughout the year. During the event, Malaysian kings also deliver a speech in which various issues, including political, global crisis and challenges are addressed. However, Agong presents all these topics in quite a hopeful and optimistic manner. So, it is a very exclusive event that is marked with the beginning of a new hope and a ray of happiness.

Date Day Holiday Type Year
09-Sep Mon Agongs Birthday National 2019
06-Jun Sat Agongs Birthday National 2020
05-Jun Sat Agongs Birthday National 2021
06-Jun Mon Agongs Birthday National 2022
05-Jun Mon Agongs Birthday National 2023