Malaysia Day 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Day is a holiday in the country which is celebrated in the middle of the month of September and is oriented around the founding of the Malaysia Federation. According to the Malay language, the celebration of Malaysia Day is known as Hari Malaysia. There are many themes around Malaysia Day and so there will also be something special around Malaysia Day 2023. To know about the significance and importance of Malaysia Day, you need to know about the history of the day as well. There are various celebrations that take place around the day and other areas of Malaysia.

When is Malaysia Day 2023 Celebrated?

Malaysia Day became a public holiday in the year 2010 to celebrate Malaysia’s sovereignty. This was a chance to learn for the citizens about the history of Malaysia as well as to enjoy festivities with their friends and family. There are various celebrations that take place around this time in Kuala Lumpur and other areas of Malaysia. Politicians and public figures also address Malaysian people on this day and discuss common topics including politics, social issues, and Malaysian unity. It is also an opportunity to celebrate their patriotism and also the diverse background of Malaysia. There are also food festivals and other events organized that celebrate the diversity of the place.

Date Day Holiday Type Year
16-Sep Mon Malaysia Day National 2019
16-Sep Wed Malaysia Day National 2020
16-Sep Thu Malaysia Day National 2021
16-Sep Fri Malaysia Day National 2022
16-Sep Malaysia Day 2023
16-Sep Sat Malaysia Day National 2023