Qingming Festival 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Qingming Festival celebration also known as “Tomb Sweeping Day” is known to be an important observance for people of Chinese heritage in Malaysia. Sometimes it is also called as Ancestors Day, which is known for honoring your deceased ancestors. Qingming Festival 2023 Malaysia is not known to be a public holiday, but people do take annual leave during this time to participate in various ceremonial activities that happen for this particular occasion.

When is Qingming Festival Celebrated in Malaysia?

The celebration falls on the 15th day following the Spring equinox, which is known to come at the 4th or 5th April on the Gregorian calendar. During the celebration, people visit the tomb to clean them, to offer prayers for their dearly departed, and to give them various ritual offerings. There is also a saying that people remember this time, which is the thought that by burning a Ching Ming offering at the grave site, the deceased can make the use of those things in the other world. There are also many myths and believe during this time, which believe that if you don’t give ceremonial gold bars or money to your ancestors on Ching Ming Day, there’s a greater chance that they will linger about in our world and try to rob people.

Date Day Holiday Observances Year
04-Apr Sat Qingming Festival qingming-festival 2020
04-Apr Sun Qingming Festival qingming-festival 2021
05-Apr Tue Qingming Festival qingming-festival 2022
05-Apr Wed Qingming Festival qingming-festival 2023