Chinese New Year 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

New Year brings with it lots of hopes and aspirations along with horoscopes and predictions. Malaysia Chinese New Year brings with it an exciting way of predicting horoscopes according to traditional Chinese calendar. The beginning of the Chinese New Year is celebrated as a festival and is one of several Lunar New Years in Asia. It is perhaps the biggest and most important annual festival for the community. So, if you are planning to visit the place around this time, then it is important to know about Chinese New Year 2023 Malaysia.

When is Chinese New Year Celebrated in Malaysia?

The celebration of this grand festival begins on 25th January and ends on 27th January. The event is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar. The horoscope in Chinese calendar is named after animals and the year is also determined by the animal. The celebration is observed by the Chinese communities and marks the exchange of New Year greeting cards, family reunion dinner along with other family traditions. Malaysia Chinese New Year festival is also known as Tahun Baru Imlek or tahun Baru Cina

Date Day Holiday Type Year
05-Feb Tue Chinese New Year National 2019
25-Jan Sat Chinese New Year National 2020
12-Feb Fri Chinese New Year National 2021
01-Feb Tue Chinese New Year National 2022
22-Jan Sun Chinese New Year National 2023