Winter Solstice 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Winter Solstice is a traditional celebration for Chinese ancestry in Malaysia. The day is known to be corresponding with the shortest amount of daylight in the whole year in Northern Hemisphere. It is not a public holiday everywhere, but is observed in Malaysia. Winter Solstice 2023 Malaysia will be another day when people will gather together to witness the most important day of the year, which is also known to have a turning point. It is another celebration that brings the complete family together and celebrates a day of togetherness and love.

When is Winter Solstice Celebrated in Malaysia?

According to the Gregorian calendar, the day falls in the middle of the month. After the celebration, the days are known to grow longer from them on and the season of winter is finally known to fade away. There is not much meaning for agricultural perspective to the day. There are many old traditions associated with the Winter Solstice that are still observed and considered an important remembrance of the passing of the time. There is also a special dessert prepared known as “tang yuan”, which is a part of the family celebration and tradition too. So, visit the beauty of Malaysia during this beautiful celebration.

Date Day Holiday Observances Year
22-Dec Tue Winter Solstice winter-solstice 2020
21-Dec Tue Winter Solstice winter-solstice 2021
22-Dec Thu Winter Solstice winter-solstice 2022
22-Dec Fri Winter Solstice winter-solstice 2023