Mid Autumn Festival 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Mid Autumn Festival is a Chinese traditional ceremony where the custom of eating mooncakes, enjoying the bright full moon and taking part in the lantern parade is known to be followed by the people. The festival is celebrated with complete enthusiasm and is also known to draw near and dear ones together and all kinds of companies; be it old, new or traditional sell all types of mooncakes. Mid Autumn Festival 2023 Malaysia is famous for their mooncakes and are available in shopping malls and there are also advertisements in newspapers and tvs.

When is Mid Autumn Festival Celebrated in Malaysia?

The celebration of this festival in Kuala Lumpur is in full swing before weeks of the arrival of the festival. There is also a Lantern Carnival organized in which there are dragons, lion dances, floats, as well as artisans and youngsters dancing and singing happily and enjoying the festival. On the day of the festival, Chinese people also visit temple and offer prayer as per the custom and tradition of the festival. Almost every year, the Mid-Autumn festival lantern show is known to be held, which gain brings a lot of excitement to the celebration. So, plan your visit to Malaysia during this time and enjoy the festivities.

Date Day Holiday Observances Year
01-Oct Thu Mid-Autumn Festival mid-autumn-festival 2020
21-Sep Tue Mid-Autumn Festival mid-autumn-festival 2021
10-Sep Sat Mid-Autumn Festival mid-autumn-festival 2022
29-Sep Fri Mid-Autumn Festival mid-autumn-festival 2023