Vesak Day 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Vesak Day is a festival celebrated by Buddhists all across the world, especially in Malaysia. The celebration is also known as Vesak that comes from the name of a month in the Indian calendar. The day is also referred to as Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha Day or Buddha Purnima. It is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated with complete respect and devotion. Vesak Day 2023 Malaysia will also witness all the rituals and preparations for the day to be started weeks ago and to be followed particularly.

When is Vesak Day Celebrated in Malaysia?

Wesak day is celebrated by Buddhists to honor Buddhist’s birth, enlightenment and death. The day is celebrated on the Sunday that is closest to May’s full moon. The festival is observed at dawn when Buddhists gather in the temple. The celebration also includes the percepts of Buddhism that means they should honor life, show generosity, embrace celibacy and use speech wisely. They should also avoid alcohol and only eat at certain times. Apart from this there are a lot more rules and regulations that needed to be followed while celebrating this occasion. There are many different ways this festival is celebrated, but the way it is celebrated in Malaysia is one of the most colorful and enjoyable.

Date Day Holiday Type Year
19-May Sun Vesak Day National 2019
07-May Thu Vesak Day National 2020
26-May Wed Vesak Day National 2021
15-May Sun Vesak Day National 2022
04-May Thu Vesak Day National 2023