Mothers Day 2023 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, as it is celebrated in the rest of the world. Well, this goes without saying that mother is the most important figure in the world. She is not only the reason of our life, but is also our teacher and happiness in everything. She also knows everything about us and understands us even when we do not say a word. Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers’ all across the world with gifts, messages and many other form of respect and gifts. Mother’s day 2023 Malaysia will be a celebration that will again have a theme for the year and people across the city will thank mothers’ in that way.

When is mother’s day celebrated in Malaysia?

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and is also a time to give your mother a break from the daily routine chores. It is her day where she is pampered with gifts, surprises and special meals that will make her feel special, loved and respected. There are many gifts including cards, personalized gifts, jewellery options and other gifts that are loved by Mothers’ all across the world.

Date Day Holiday Observances Year
10-May Sun Mother's Day mothers-day 2020
09-May Sun Mother's Day mothers-day 2021
08-May Sun Mother's Day mothers-day 2022
14-May Sun Mother's Day mothers-day 2023