Deepavali 2021 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Deepavali 2021 is a public holiday that is celebrated with complete vigor and zest. It is the most significant celebrated festival among Hindus all across the globe even in Malaysia. The festival has many legends and stories associated with the celebration. It is also known as the festival of lights because of the clay lamps that are lighted all across the city. Deepavali 2021 Malaysia will witness a beautiful and serene ambience all across the city with Hindus lighting up their homes, decorating the houses and visiting local temples.

When is Deepavali Celebrated in Malaysia?

Deepavali is celebrated as per the Hindu lunar calendar, and so its date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year. On this day houses are adorned with lanterns, lighting, lamps, diyas are lit and beautiful kolam patterns. In Malaysia, you can also see fireworks display, setting of small firecrackers, giving children gifts of money enclosed in purple and yellow packages, and eating an abundance of sweet and savoury foods and sharing them with neighbours. Also there is a special Malaysian snack prepared on this day, which is named Murukku. So, if you are planning to visit Malaysia in 2021, then this is one of the most amazing and fascinating time to be here and celebrate some memorable moments.

Date Day Holiday Type Year
27-Oct Sun Deepavali National except Sarawak 2019
14-Nov Sat Deepavali National except Sarawak 2020
04-Nov Thu Deepavali National except Sarawak 2021
24-Oct Mon Deepavali National except Sarawak 2022

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