Muharram 2021 in Malaysia ❤️

Malaysia Awal Muharram celebrates the beginning of the Islamic New Year. Talking about the origin of the word, Muharram, it is derived from the word haram, which means forbidden, and it is a month considered most sacred beside all the months of Ramadan. Awal Muharram 2021 Malaysia is a time when Muslims are forbidden to fight, hence a time of mourning and peace. It is a first month of the Islamic year that coincides with the migration of Prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.

When is Awal Muharram Celebrated in Malaysia?

The celebration occurs in the first month of Islamic year. It is also a time for self-evaluation and a starting point for change. During this celebration, Sunni Muslims fast and celebrate the day according to the Sunnah of Mohammed. Shia Muslims, the other part of the muslim community mourns the day. Along with this various other religious activities are also carried out such as spiritual singing, religious activities and the recitation of Koranic verses. Special prayers and sermons are also conducted in the mosque around the day and the city is adorned with lighting and looks beautiful. So, get set to plan your day for a celebration of a lifetime.

Date Day Holiday Type Year
01-Sep Sun Muharram National 2019
20-Aug Thu Muharram National 2020
10-Aug Tue Muharram National 2021
30-Jul Sat Muharram National 2022

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