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The national calendar of Malaysia Public Holidays 2019 reveals all the public holidays that will be celebrated by the people of Malaysia. However, the dates mentioned in the calendar might be subject to official changes, which are normally announced. Hence, it is essential for the user to check for updates on a regular basis. In order to view the entire public holidays 2019 in Malaysia, the user has to scroll the holiday list. It is also possible for the user to select the Malaysian state of residence wherein he/she is living and find out the holiday calendar of that particular region or state.

Malaysia Official Holidays 2019 are mostly observed by private and governmental organizations. However, the most common holiday observed in Malaysia is the National Day. It is also observed as Independence Day on the thirty-first day of August, which commemorates the independence of Malaysia. Besides, first day of May 2019 is observed as Labour day, and the Malaysian King’s birthday will be observed on the first Saturday of June 2019.

Malaysia Public Holidays 2019

Date Holiday Year Country
01-Jan new-year-day 2019 malaysia
14-Jan YDPB Negeri Sembilan's Birthday 2019 malaysia
20-Jan Sultan of Kedah's Birthday 2019 malaysia
21-Jan thaipusam 2019 malaysia
01-Feb federal-territory-day 2019 malaysia
05-Feb chinese-new-year 2019 malaysia
06-Feb chinese-new-year Holiday 2019 malaysia
04-Mar Installation of Sultan Terengganu 2019 malaysia
23-Mar Sultan of Johor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
03-Apr Israk and Mikraj 2019 malaysia
15-Apr Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City 2019 malaysia
19-Apr good-friday 2019 malaysia
26-Apr Sultan of Terengganu's Birthday 2019 malaysia
01-May labour-day 2019 malaysia
06-May ramadan 2019 malaysia
07-May Hari Hol Pahang 2019 malaysia
19-May Vesak-day 2019 malaysia
20-May Vesak-day Holiday 2019 malaysia
22-May Nuzul Al-Quran 2019 malaysia
23-May Demise of Former Sultan of Pahang 2019 malaysia
30-May Harvest Festival 2019 malaysia
31-May Harvest Festival Holiday 2019 malaysia
01-Jun Hari Gawai 2019 malaysia
02-Jun Hari Gawai Holiday 2019 malaysia
03-Jun Hari Gawai Holiday 2019 malaysia
05-Jun eid-al-fitr 2019 malaysia
06-Jun eid-al-fitr-holiday 2019 malaysia
07-Jul Georgetown World Heritage City Day 2019 malaysia
08-Jul Georgetown World Heritage City Holiday 2019 malaysia
13-Jul Penang Governor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
17-Jul Raja Perlis' Birthday 2019 malaysia
22-Jul Sarawak Day 2019 malaysia
30-Jul Sultan of Pahang's Birthday 2019 malaysia
30-Jul Installation of YDP Agong 2019 malaysia
31-Jul Sultan of Pahang's Birthday Holiday 2019 malaysia
11-Aug eid-al-adha 2019 malaysia
12-Aug eid-al-adha Holiday 2019 malaysia
31-Aug independence-day 2019 malaysia
01-Sep muharram 2019 malaysia
02-Sep independence-day Holiday 2019 malaysia
02-Sep muharram Holiday 2019 malaysia
09-Sep agongs-birthday 2019 malaysia
16-Sep malaysia-day 2019 malaysia
05-Oct Sabah Governor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
05-Oct Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar 2019 malaysia
11-Oct Melaka Governor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
12-Oct Sarawak Governor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
27-Oct deepavali 2019 malaysia
28-Oct deepavali Holiday 2019 malaysia
01-Nov Sultan of Perak's Birthday 2019 malaysia
03-Nov Malaysia Cup Holiday 2019 malaysia
09-Nov prophet-muhammad-birthday 2019 malaysia
10-Nov prophet-muhammad-birthday Holiday 2019 malaysia
11-Nov Sultan of Kelantan's Birthday 2019 malaysia
12-Nov Sultan of Kelantan's Birthday Holiday 2019 malaysia
11-Dec Sultan of Selangor's Birthday 2019 malaysia
25-Dec christmas-day 2019 malaysia

Printable Calendar 2019 Malaysia

Through Malaysia Public Holidays Calendar 2019, many other festivals are observed and they fall under major national public holidays. It should also be noted that the main 2019 Malaysia Holidays of each major religion are considered as public holidays. They are observed on the western calendar of Malaysia, and are religious ones.

Public holidays in Malaysia are normally observed at levels of state and federal holidays. The main Malaysia Federal Holidays 2019 list is observed throughout the nation. Additional holidays are expected to be observed by each federal territory as well as state. It should be noted that Malaysia Public Holidays 2019 are considered to be a mixture of secular types of holidays. The citizens of Malaysia celebrate these holidays as part of the history of the nation.